No More Expensive Kids Toys!

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A few months ago, we ordered a new tank cover for our toilet because the original one was dropped while we were remodeling.  It came wrapped in this huge box that said Fragile on it in big red letters.  After taking the tank cover out and letting the kids pop the bubble wrap, we decided to see what we could do with the box.  My husband got the idea to turn it into a toy for the kids.  We really didn’t have to do much to it.  We just cut a hole in one side and opened the top for the kids to crawl through.

The results?  They LOVED it!  

It was the most popular toy for the few months that we had it, until it wore out it’s welcome.  During that time, it was a car, a rocket ship, a tunnel, a tent, and a bed.  The kids colored all over it and drew a steering wheel on the inside to make it into a car.  It was by far the most popular cheep toy we had ever had.  It was the best kids toy ever, and it was absolutely free!

Here’s a video of our youngest (at the time) playing with his favorite toy just before we had to pitch it.  Ah, the joy of a cardboard box!

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