Don’t Finance, Just Fix It!

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Last weekend, I left the house, along with my husband and three of my four children.  I took our newest addition, Timmy, to the hospital to see my aunt, who has since died of cancer (she was a wonderful woman and will be missed.)  I knew that leaving the house for as long as I did would give my husband free rain of the house and the many “projects” we had yet to finish.  Of course, my motive for leaving the house is never to get my husband to fix or finish house projects.  Well… I may have had that as a motive once or twice.  But, this time, that was definitely not my motive.

“The Patient”

So, what did I find when I came home that night?  I walked in the door and found the dishwasher in pieces!  At first, I thought he had just had enough.  I thought maybe it had leaked for the last time… meaning it was done for, dead, washed it’s last dish.  Well, I suppose he HAD had enough.  He had gotten sick of taking sopping wet towels down to the basement to be washed.  He got sick of stepping in a puddle when the towel just couldn’t absorb all of the water that was leaking out of our poor, dying dishwasher.  So, he decided to take matters into his own hands… literally.  Instead of throwing the dysfunctional dishwasher in a garbage dump and buying a new dishwasher on credit, he decided to perform surgery on it in order to save money.

Now, you may be thinking that he must know what he’s doing.  Right?  Well, not exactly.  My husband is pretty handy, but he has never taken a dishwasher apart before.  Regardless, he knew he had to give it a shot.  So, when I got home, I started helping him.  He told me about all of the black mold that had built up behind the panel and how disgusting it was having to clean it all out.  He poked around and made sure that every piece was taken off, washed, and put back where it belonged.  After helping him put it all back together again, we held our breath and turned the dial to the normal wash setting.  After putting a clean towel down around the dishwasher, we sat in the kitchen just waiting for the drips of failure.  But, we did not see drips!  In fact, the dishwasher went through the entire cycle without a single drop of water leaking out!  We had fixed it!

So, if you just happen to have an old leaky dishwasher, don’t lose hope!  You don’t have to finance a new dishwasher.  Just take the time to fix the old one and it will be as good as new! 

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