Getting Organized Can Help You Stop Spending Money

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I’ve realized something.  I can be very unorganized at times.  And, it’s during those times that I end up spending more money.  What happens when you have a messy and unorganized home?  You can’t find things, right?  And, when you can’t find something you need, what do you do?  You go to the store and you buy it!  You spend money you otherwise wouldn’t have spent if you had known where you put that darn flashlight or that flippin screwdriver.  I swear we have about 10 USB cables because of this very irritating habit of being unorganized.

Before Organizing

Over the past few months, my husband and I have really made an effort to be more organized.  We have to be, now more than ever, because we don’t have the time not to be.  With four kids all under the age of 7, we don’t have an extra hour to look for our keys while the kids are sitting in the car staring at their breath as it forms in front of them.

After Organizing

Now, we have a bowl sitting right by the door to drop the keys in when we get home.  So, now we know exactly where the keys are.  That is, if someone hasn’t forgotten to take the keys out of their coat pocket.  Guilty as charged.

That little scenario just made me think of another way being organized helps you save money.  Gas!  There have been numerous times I’ve gotten the car started, only to realize I forgot something.  So, I go back into the house thinking it will only take me a minute to find what I need.  Well, 15 minutes later, the car is still running and I haven’t found my gloves.  Why o why didn’t I just leave them in my coat pocket?  I can’t find my gloves for the life of me!  Maybe I left them at someones house over the holidays?  I guess I can always buy new ones, right?  I’ll just go to the store right now (spending more on gas to get to the store) and buy some new gloves (again, spending more!)   All of this could have been prevented if I had just stayed organized.

We actually have two baskets now in our living room closet.  One is for the kids hats and gloves, and the other is for my and my husband’s hats and gloves.  I remember going through the house to find all of the kids hats and gloves.  By the time I was done, I had three hats and three pairs of gloves for EACH of the kids!  Now, they know exactly where to put them when we get home.  They go right to the closet, hang up their coats, and put their hats and gloves in the basket.  No more buying hats and gloves every year because we can’t find the hats and gloves from the previous year. Logo

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