Disney Vacation 2012

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We’re back!  I haven’t had that much fun in a LONG time.  What a blessing!

I just want to jot down a few things I want to remember for the next time we go.

10 Things You Must Take On Vacation If You Hope To Survive

  1. Sunglasses– I would have gotten a headache every day without sunglasses that completely covered my eyes


    Tiny Timmy Tigger

  2. Hat – My scalp would have gotten really burned without a hat
  3. Sunscreen – I didn’t put sunscreen on the day we went to Downtown Disney, because I thought we would be inside the shops most of the day.  My shoulders were beet red by the end of the day!  The spray-on kind is very convenient.
  4. Cash and Quarters – For tips, arcades, drinks, and going out to eat with other family’s
  5. American Express Credit Card (best when going to Disney) – I didn’t call them before we left and I didn’t have a problem making any transactions
  6. A list of top attractions (must see places, restaurants, and rides) – We had a list for each park we went to and picked out a couple of restaurants we really wanted to try
  7. Fan/Spray Bottle for in the parks – This really helped with the heat
  8. Double stoller for the little ones and a rental stroller for the “big” kids – we brought our own double stroller for the boys and rented one for the girls
  9. Snack bag – we decided not to bring one into the park and we ended up buying a few snacks throughout the day, so now I wish we would have taken one
  10. Disposable water bottle – I brought one water bottle for everyone to drink out of and fill up over and over again(just don’t put your mouth on it if you don’t want to spread germs)
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