The Importance of Women’s Fellowship

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women's fellowship

Our Fall Women’s Fellowship Bible Study sign up is here and I’m debating whether or not I should sign up.  I don’t know why I’m even questioning it.  I should have been zoned in to the sign-up table right after church on Sunday.  But, I hesitated and decided to think about it until next Sunday.


Some things that were going through my head at the time were…

  1. Is a women’s bible study important enough to take time away from my family?
  2. Should I spend money on the study book and the gas to get there every week?
  3. What if I can’t make it every week?  I’ll fall behind on the study.

All of these are, of course, excuses.  After all, I know the benefits of being in fellowship with other Christian women. 

For me, the benefits of Christian women’s fellowship are…

  1. Being lifted up every week through God’s Word and prayer
    Smile:  Maybe given a good face lift too from all of the smiling and laughing!
  2. Being encouraged by other believers
    Smile:  They’ll give you a good kick in the butt every week to be your best!
  3. Being refreshed and renewed, ready to face life
    Smile:  You’ll get a much needed break from the dishes, laundry, and crazy kids!
  4. Being blessed by new and developing friendships
    Smile:  We all need somebody to lean on… just call on your sister in Christ!
  5. Being fed spiritually
    Smile:  Maybe fed a few yummy carbs too!  Women love to bake!

So, what is my final decision?  I will be signing up first thing Sunday morning!  Praise the Lord!

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