Timmy is One Month Old!

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Our fourth child has arrived and the first month has flown by.  Life has been turned upside down for all of us, especially little Ethan.  Before Timmy was born, he was the baby.  Now, he needs to wait for Mommy to set Timmy down before he can climb all over me.  And, now we’re all a bit sleep deprived from the midnight wailing.

I’ve discovered an absolute tragedy.  I can not eat chocolate!!!  Timmy’s little tummy just can’t handle it.  I’ve read through a few blog posts and found that other mothers are going through the same thing.  I guess I just eat too much of it.  And, with it being after the holidays, our house is still full of the stuff.  So, I have to choose between my favorite treat and a screaming baby.  It’s been hard, but I’ve been doing very well the past few days.  The only thing I’ve had is a glass of Ovaltine and a chocolate chip granola bar.  He seems to be doing much better already, so that has made me think that he would be an angel baby if I cut out all chocolate and maybe cut back on my dairy intake.  I love milk, but I tend to drink it more when I eat chocolate.  I mean, who can eat chocolate without a glass of milk, right?

Timmy is now one month old and he’s getting bigger every day.  I’m trying to enjoy this time, because I know he’ll be as big as Ethan before I know it (Ethan is almost 2 years old!)  Enjoy life, and try not to eat too much chocolate.  I guess that’s where I’m at right now.


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