We All Need Somebody to Lean On…

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Every once in a while, (OK, more like every day) I need my husband to set me strait.  It might be something I’ve said, or maybe it’s my attitude.  Whatever it is, I know that he will be there to “lean on” me a little bit.  Of course, he does this in a loving way.  Even if it seems harsh at the time, I know that he is doing it for my own good.  That, and he doesn’t want our kids to pick up on any of our bad habits. 

Being open and honest with each other is what makes a marriage strong.  So, we’ve taken that same truth and applied it to our financial struggles.  We “lean on” each other a lot when it comes to our finances.  Using Mint.com, we’re able to see when one of us goes over budget.  We will each get an e-mail warning us that we’ve spent too much in a particular category.  So, just knowing that my husband will see how much I’ve spent on groceries, keeps me from buying that extra box of cereal or that extra 1/2 gallon of ice cream.  And, he knows that he can’t just go out and buy the latest iPad or PS3 game without me noticing our shopping budget has been busted. 

However you slice it or dice it, we all need somebody to lean on us every once in a while.  Or, maybe even every day.

Lean On Me
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