Saving on Phone Bills with Magic Jack Plus

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So, we just started using Magic Jack Plus for our home phone to save money and it has been working great!  We’ve had Magic Jack for about a month now and have only experienced mild cutting in and out when our internet slows.  If you don’t know what Magic Jack is, it is a device that connects to your internet and phone allowing you to make unlimited local and long distance phone calls.  You only have to pay for the device, which is around $80.  Then, each year after that will be only $30 for an entire year.  Compared to $30 per month, I’d say that’s a great deal!  We just keep an emergency cell phone now that we will be converting to a prepaid phone shortly to save even more money.  I’m home the majority of the time, so this is a great way to save money for us.

Go to Magic Jack Plus for reviews, additional information, and purchasing options.

Check out my husband’s company blog post on Magic Jack at

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