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Ways to Save on Monthly Expenses and More!

Save on Phone Bills, Electric Bills, Groceries, Entertainment, and Everything Else in Between

*Full Disclosure:  Some of the links below are referral links.  I do NOT promote anything that I don’t use myself.  Thanks for helping me keep my blog going!

1.  Save on Phone Bills

a.  Skype

b.  Magic Jack


2.  Save on Groceries

a. Stick to a Shopping List

b. Use coupons on double coupon days

c. Purchase sale products that match coupons

d. Use a cash back credit card


3. Save on Entertainment

a.  Watch shows on Hulu Plus and/or Netflix instead of getting Cable

b.  Get an Entertainment Book (watch for 50% off sales) if you go out a lot and get 17.5% cash back by shopping through when you order.

4.  Find things that you need by posting what you need to your local FreeCycle group

5.  Use a Window Insulator Kit to save on heating costs during the winter

6.  When shopping online, ALWAYS shop through or and get cash back for online purchases
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

7.  Be Content and Don’t Buy on Impulse!  Always take 24 hours to discuss a large purchase with your spouse or trusted friend.


I’m sure we’ll find many other ways to save that we can share with you throughout the coming year.  If you’ve found ways to save, please let us know by posting a reply below.

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