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Getting Motivated to Be Fit and More!

Exercise, Eat, and Earn Money!

I’m always trying to find fun and exciting ways to stay active, including dancing around the house (LOL!), and stay fit with small children to take care of.  Although I am busy with my husband and five children, that doesn’t mean I’m getting my heart rate up like I should every day.  Fitness is definitely something that is on my mind a lot.  That’s why I recently joined a local gym that has child care, so I can get in my workouts without any interruptions.  I’ve also joined “Crave IT” a new company (and the sister company of “Do You Bake?”) that sells convenient and healthy meals, snacks, and drinks.  Fitness isn’t just about your body, though.  It’s about all around good habits and a commitment to being well.  I know I can be a better wife, mother, and friend with the right balance of exercise, healthy eating, and time to just be myself and do the things that I love.  I will have more energy, a clear and focused mind, and greater patience when it comes to all of the challenges parenting brings as long as I stay committed to being well in all areas of my life.

If your goals are the same, then please take a look at the different ways we can connect and encourage each other to be well.  You can subscribe to my blog or follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Like my Facebook Page.  And, if you like trying new, healthy food, please consider ordering from Crave IT!  Or, if you’re really motivated, you can commit to ordering $25/month (this may change depending on the time you sign up) in healthy food from “Do You Bake?” and “Crave IT!” and get 20% off when you become an “Ambassador.”  It’s free to sign up, for now, and you’ll even get your own website if you’re interesting in building your own Healthy Food Business.  There are new offers introduced often, so check our most recent options for signing up on my website


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