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Express Yourself Through Fashion

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Fashion isn’t about looking like a celebrity.  It’s about looking like you!  It’s about creating a look that expresses who you are inside.  And I’m not talking about the you inside that is insecure and afraid of the world.  I’m talking about the fearless you, the creative you, the confident you.  In doing so, you will be more likely to succeed in your business and personal life.  Finding your own personalized fashion and embracing it will give you greater confidence in who you are and attract others to you.

Don’t have the money, or don’t want to spend the money, to dress to express yourself?  Fear not!  When I found my fashion, I started going to GoodWill and other second hand stores.  I found that I could find high quality, fashionable clothes, at great prices.  You can also get clothes for free by checking your local Freecycle group to see if anyone has clothes they’re getting rid of.

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