Debt Elimination Progress

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We’re making progress! I really can’t believe we’re making any progress in the month of December. Normally, we go a little overboard around the holidays and get in the spending mood.  But, since we’ve chosen to opt out of all holiday party gift games and exchanges, we only have our children to think about.  We’ve spent $30 on each of our older children and about $10 on our younger ones who don’t really know what’s going on quite yet.

So, with all of the cutting back, we’ve been able to make an accumulative payment of $300 toward our credit card debt.  Plus, we’ve paid off the midwife!  So, next month we should have an additional $250 to poor into our high credit card balances.  And, once we file our taxes, we should be able to pay off a big chunk.  If we keep sticking to our budget, we may be able to pay off all credit card debt much sooner than expected.

Now let’s just pray that Jesse gets a huge raise in February!

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