Cost of Midwife vs Doctor

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We’ve been using a midwife from the very start of our journey as parents.  Our main reason for using a midwife is because I’m more comfortable giving birth naturally at home than in a hospital where they’re more likely to administer drugs.  But, there is an additional perk, which is the cost.  We do not have health insurance, other than the individual insurance my husband gets through work for only himself.  So, saving on the birth of our children was a must from day one.  Just take a look at the chart below and you’ll see what a difference using a midwife can make in the cost of giving birth.

As you can see, the cost of a hospital birth is almost 10 times the cost of using a birth center or midwife at home.  We’ve never paid more than $2500 for the midwives we’ve used for each of our 4 children.  Our fourth child is actually due any day now and we’re almost paid in full, which gives us an extra discount.  So, we’re only paying $2000 this time around. 
I’ve used the money I earned from doing childcare in our home for 8 months to pay cash for our midwife and ultrasound cost, which was only $100 for the 2D ultrasound and pictures we got along with that.  We’ve never had to use funds from any source other than my work income for each midwife.  We never let our monthly expenses exceed what my husband’s income is.  So, whenever I make an income, it always goes into savings for health costs and emergencies.  I’m never pressured to work, which allows me to be much more content with my duties as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM.)  I thank God every day for my husband’s steady income and the blessing of being a SAHM.  

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