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So, I’ve been doing some research on the cost of diapers and decided that I would organize my findings on blogger.  I’ve been doing this for about a month now and have found some great websites in the process of finding the best prices on diapers.  Until recently, I had been using Ebates as my preferred cash back website.  And, although I still use that website on occasion, I’ve found another cash back website that yields higher cash back (at most of the major retailers.)  This has been very beneficial considering the holiday season and the online Christmas shopping I’ve been doing.

Many of the top retailers are on this new cash back website that I use.  It’s completely free to join and completely free when you redeem your cash back.  You simply search for an online retailer, click the “Get Cashback Now” button, and it will automatically record your visit and purchase.  You will then receive a notification via e-mail with information about your cash back.  I’ve only been using it since the beginning of November and I’ve already earned $15 cash back.  It can really add up over time.

Interested in signing up?  Don’t forget, it’s completely free to join and free to redeem your cash back.  

Right now, you can get 12% cash back at Drugstore.com.  You can also get 6% cash back at Kohls, 5% back at Walmart, and 6% back at Target.  There are many many more online retailers to choose from.

In an effort to maintain full disclosure, I would like to inform you that the following banner contains my referral link and I will receive up to $10 when you sign up and you receive cash back for online purchases.  If you also love the website, you can also receive $10 for referring your friends and family.  I will not receive anything for your referrals.  This is NOT a pyramid scheme or scam of any kind.  It is a real cash back program that rewards their users with cash back when they shop online through selected online retailers.

If you would like to get cash back for your online purchases, simply click on the banner below or go to TopCashBack.com.
Online Cashback

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Planning a Disney World Vacation on a Budget – Part 3: Entertainment

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Saving Money on Tickets and Attractions in Orlando, FL, and the Walt Disney World Resort


Disney Park Tickets, Universal Studios, and More!

Our family will be going to Magic Kingdom one day and Universal Studios another day while we are in Orlando, FL, on our vacation (only 7 days away!.)  Park tickets are around $100 per ticket, depending on what kind of ticket you purchase.  So, naturally, I searched for ways to save on Disney Park tickets and Universal Studios tickets.  Here is a list of great resources to help you find discounted Disney Park Tickets and Universal Studios Tickets.

  1. The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2012 : This book has many great pointers on saving money while you’re in Orlando, FL, and having fun in the parks.
  2. Mousesavers.com:  This website is my favorite resource for ways to save while you’re on vacation in Orlando, FL.
  3. Florida Hospital for Children:  This is how we purchased our tickets for our day at Magic Kingdom
  4. Ebay:  We purchased discounted Universal Studios tickets through Ebay and also received free parking passes with our ticket purchase.  When purchasing through Ebay, always make sure that the seller has a great rating and don’t buy any tickets that have been used or are signed.
  5. Entertainment Book
    Save on all the things you love to do!
    (purchase through Ebates.com and get 17.5% cash back):  I was able to get an Orlando Entertainment book at a great price by purchasing through Ebates.com and waiting for an Entertainment.com 50% off sale
  6. Free Orlando Magicard Discount Card



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Discount Entertainment Books Only $8.58!

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Get your Entertainment Book for only $8.58…

Entertainment.com’s Tax Day Sale (April 16th Only) and Ebates.com’s 17.5% cash back!

Save on all the things you love to do!  


Plus, if you make your purchase with a cash back credit card, you could get an additional 1% cash back.

How’s that for savings?

Entertainment Books can save you hundreds of dollars on food and entertainment.  And, if you’re planning a vacation this summer, now is the perfect time to get an additional Entertainment book for your vacation destination.


CLICK HERE —->  and search for Entertainment.com


*This post may contain affiliate links.  I only post about products and programs that I have used personally and have had a positive experience with.

Want to learn more about saving on Entertainment and being frugal?  Check out Christian PF and read their post “How to Save Money on Entertainment

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Planning a Disney World Vacation on a Budget- Part 2: Food

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Saving Money on Food When You’re on Vacation


Entertainment Book, Kids Eat Free Cards, and Grocery Shopping


I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to cook when I’m on vacation.  As a 24/7 cook for three growing children, one hungry husband, and myself who needs extra calories for nursing, the last thing I want to do on vacation is worry about food.  I’ve lucked out when planning our Orlando, FL, and Walt Disney World vacation.  We will be staying in a time share condo and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law will be cooking many of the dinners.  So, we are only planning on eating out for dinner a couple of times.  Still, there will be times that we’ll be out and about with our tummies rumbling.  So, I’ve found a few ways to cut back on food and restaurant costs while we’re having fun around Orlando, in the Disney Parks, and also in Universal Studios.

List #2  Food

  • Entertainment Book– Go to Ebates.com and sign up, then search for Entertainment.com and shop through Ebates to get 17.5% cash back.  Wait for Entertainment.com to have a 50% off sale.  That is how I got my Orlando Entertainment book for only $12.37!  *Since purchasing my book, they have changed the website to focus more on the digital membership.  So, when you go to the website, you have to scroll to the bottom and click on “interested in the book membership?”  You will only get the Ebates cash back on the Entertainment Books.
  • Kids Eat Free Cards– If you have children, you will want to get one or two of these.  They are only good with the purchase of an adult meal, but that shouldn’t be a problem.  Who takes their kids out to just watch them eat?  They sell for $19.99 retail, which seemed a bit much to me since we will only be in Orlando for 7 days.  So, I scoured the internet for discounted Kids Eat Free Cards.  I ended up on eBay and found a few that may work out.  Some are selling for around $16, plus $0.99 shipping.  You just have to make sure that they are unused and unsigned Kids Eat Free Cards.
  • Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free in Orlando – The Kids Eat Free Card is great for those that will be going out to eat a lot, but I’m not sure we would use it enough to even make up for the cost of getting the card.  So, I went to a website called My Kids Eat Free and found a list of restaurants in Orlando, FL, where kids eat free on certain days of the week.  Some of the Restaurants include Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, Denny’s, and Perkin’s.  The list includes a few that will only have free kids meals for a limited time, so make sure you visit the restaurant’s website or call for details.  Most of the restaurants have Kids Eat Free Tuesday nights, so we will be going to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday and out for dinner later that day.  We will not be eating at any of the sit-down restaurants in the parks.  Most of them require a reservation 6 months in advance, or you’ll be waiting for a very long time.  They are also super pricey.  They can be between $30 and $50 per person.  Yikes!
  • Grocery Shopping– Make a shopping list of everything you’ll need while you’re there, and search for any coupons you can find that will help you save on the food and items on your list.  We will be doing most of our shopping once we get to Orlando.  That way, we will save on luggage space.  So, here is a list of what we will most likely be getting once we’re there.
    -Peanut Butter

I may add some more things to the list as our departure gets closer.  For now, I would say we’re sticking to the basics and things that we can take into the parks.  The Disney Parks used to say there is no food allowed, but they have since changed their policy.  You are now allowed to take in food and drinks that do not require heating (click here for Disney Park’s FAQ.)   This makes it a lot easier to save on food while in Orlando, FL, and the Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Parks.


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Planning a Disney World Vacation on a Budget – Part 1: Travel

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A 2012 Disney World Vacation

Save on Travel, Food, Entertainment, and Shopping


We’re going to Disney World in May!


My husband’s family will be going with us on our Disney World Vacation, which includes his Mom and Dad, brother and his girlfriend, and sister and her husband.  My mother and father-in-law gave us a week at the Sheraton Vistana in Orlando, FL, for Christmas.  So, we have one big expense covered.  However, there are many other expenses associated with a Disney World Vacation.  In order to plan for a Disney World Vacation on a Budget, I’ve started off by making a few lists.

List #1


Saving money on the way to Orlando, FL, and the Walt Disney World Resort

List #2


Saving money on food and restaurants in Orlando, FL, and the Walt Disney World Resort

List #3


Saving money on tickets and attractions in Orlando, FL, and the Walt Disney World Resort

List #4


Saving money on gifts and memorabilia before and after you go and while in Orlando, FL, and the Walt Disney World Resort

List #1 – Travel

The expense of getting to Orlando, FL, and the Walt Disney World Resort depends largely on where you’re traveling from.  We are located in Wisconsin, so we will be traveling quite a distance to reach the magical world of Disney.  Half of the family will be flying and my husband’s parents will be driving along with us (my husband, me, our 6 and 4 yr old daughters, and our 2 and 5 month old sons.)

So, before starting your travel list, you need to decide on the type of travel.  How are you going to get there?  If you will be taking a plane, you’ll need to think about how you’re getting to the airport and possibly renting a car to travel around Orlando, Fl, and the Walt Disney World Resort.  Write down everything you will need to take for travel purposes, such as plane tickets and luggage.  Here’s an example of my driving travel list I made for our 22 hour car trip.

  • Rent or Borrow a Large Van to fit all of us – My mother-in-law has this covered
  • Car top carrier for all of our luggage – Will have to rent or borrow
  • Baby carrier – already own
  • Car seat – already own
  • Booster seat – already own
  • 6 bags of luggage – borrow any suitcases needed
  • 6 pillows – already own
  • 4 water bottles, 1 sippy cup, and 2 baby bottles to fill and reuse along the way – Don’t buy water!
  • Small cooler – already own
  • Drinks – buy juice boxes and sports drinks from Costco
  • Snacks – buy a large bag of trail mix from Costco and separate into sandwich bags
  • Ice – get from store the day before departure
  • Sun Glasses – already own
  • Hats – already own
  • iPad – already own
  • iPod – already own
  • Portable DVD Player, batteries, and charger- already own
  • DVDs – borrow Disney DVD Collection from sister
  • CDs – already own Disney Songs collection and other Children’s Travel Songs
  • Books – children’s activity books and The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2012
  • Magazines – Disney Magazines, Parenting magazines, and other fun stuff to look at
  • Garbage bags for garbage
  • Plastic Ziplock Bags for anything that needs to be saved or separated after opening, like food or crayons
  • Entertainment Book and other coupons
  • Money and credit cards – We use the Blue Cash Preferred Card and get 6% cash back on groceries, 3% cash back on gas, and 1% cash back everywhere else!  The cash back we get on groceries is more than enough to cover the annual fee.


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Ebates Can Help You Save on Everything

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I just discovered this really great website for saving money online.  I shop online at Target.com a lot, because I always seem to get Target gift cards for all sorts of reasons.  I get them for my birthday, Christmas, having a baby, anniversary, kids birthdays, you name it!  So, it’s great when I can get cash back on something I didn’t even pay for myself.

What is this great website you ask?  It’s Ebates.com and it’s free to sign up.  When you sign up, you even get a free $5 gift card.  But, remember to only spend on things you were already planning to buy or things that you need.  I don’t want to be the reason anyone spends money on stuff they don’t need or have the money for.

Happy Shopping (for stuff you need of course!)

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